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A House Divided

ISBN-10: 0972814310

ISBN-13: 978-0972814317

Set in the civil rights era, A House Divided explores the private and public lives of two men, united in philosophy and friendship but divided by race, class and the circumstances of their rearing —and how their personal choices affect their public lives. The novel is at once a murder mystery and a reflection on a turbulent time in American history.

The El Cholo Feeling Passes
(Press Classics)

ISBN-10: 0972814329

ISBN-13: 978-0972814324

The El Cholo Feeling Passes is a coming-of-age story, at once funny and sad, chronicling the stormy relationship of two characters as they grapple with career choices, Vietnam, and the Women's Movement during a remarkable period in American history. But the novel also serves as a timeless metaphor for fleeting youth-and the often disturbing dynamics of romantic relationships.

Black and White on the Rocks

ISBN-10: 1608011003

ISBN-13: 978-1608011001

With Black and White on the Rocks, read a captivating tale set in the charming architecture of New Orleans. Michael Barnett’s heart, swollen with the loss of his wife, drives the turns of this novel through greed ruled corruption, racial prejudice, friendship, and convoluted schemes. Barton has wrapped this story of bribery, and redemption within the warmth of a loving marriage, offering sweet repreive when life reveals its troublesome secrets that boil for release.

Courting Pandemonium

ISBN-10: 1608011011

ISBN-13: 978-1608011018

Raised by an outspoken single mother, Mac coaches women's high school basketball in a New Orleans public school. When Mac encourages a star athlete, Barbara Jeanne Bordelon, to play on the boy's basketball team, he incurs a flurry of public scrutiny that puts him in the path of radical feminists and evangelical Christians. Set in the 1970s to coincide with the Title IX ruling, Courting Pandemonium looks back on the landmark equal rights case with the singular mix of poignancy and absurdist humor Barton is known for.

In the Wake of the Flagship
ISBN: 9781608010943


Frederick Barton’s newest work is a blistering satire chronicling one man’s battle against bureaucracy and corruption. Basketball coach Richard Janus has found himself interim rector of Urban University, a woefully underfunded public college in Choctaw, Alkansea. After Hurricane Hosea devastates the city, Janus must go to war with the unscrupulous heads of Alkansea’s flagship university, facing down massive layoffs and rabid football fans. The absurdity of the American experience is on full display here as Metacom, the legendary Indian sachem, narrates Janus’s struggle, recounting academic intrigue and hypocrisy with searing humor. Barton’s insight into human contradictions earns In the Wake of the Flagship a place beside other campus novel luminaries.

Rowing to Sweden: Essays on Faith, Love, Politics and Movies

ISBN-13: 978-1608010011  

ISBN-10: 1608010015

Rick Barton's first collection of nonfiction contends with an impressive range of cultural and political issues. These award winning essays display a keen and perceptive critical eye trained always on the zeitgeist, whether it's the 1960s, the political climate of the new millennium or anywhere between.


Voices Rising: Stories from the Katrina Narrative Project
by Rebeca Antoine (Editor), Fredrick Barton (Afterword)

ISBN-10: 0972814361

ISBN-13: 978-0972814362

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast and nearly toppled the historic city of New Orleans. As the storm cleared, residents watched water and chaos overtake their city, while political and legal systems proved unprepared and insufficient. The University of New Orleans served as a base for rescue and sustained tremendous damage to its Lakefront campus, but, in October 2005, the university reopened online and asked students to submit interviews and accounts of citizens' experiences during Hurricane Katrina. Hundreds of manuscripts, interviews, and transcripts were collected from students and other residents who were willing to share their personal stories of the disaster. UNO compiled all of the submissions and created The Katrina Narrative Project, which is currently housed at the University of New Orleans Library. Voices Rising is a sampling of this greater collection. Transcending the images and headlines portrayed in the media, these are the true accounts of trauma and survival told by the people who endured them.

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